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Get Involved with HAI

Get involved to support our people & our mission.

There are several ways in which you can contribute and support our work. Become a member, volunteer your time, take part in our programs & events, explore collaboration & partnership opportunities, or contribute financially by donating to our cause.

Make an impact.

There are several ways in which you can contribute and support our work. Your generous, tax-deductible contribution will help HAI contribute to making our society and shared community a better place for everyone.

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Make a donation

Without your express donations, it would be extremely difficult for HAI to stay afloat and thrive over those many years. Giving to HAI is not a business transaction, it’s a connection with humans in your community and the world.  HAI must work diligently on different platforms and show the donors how their money is effectively invested.  Your donations to HAI have a direct impact on our community. They are often associated with the relief or prevention of poverty, or promotion of the Haitian culture, arts, science, and heritage.

Volunteer with us

When you volunteer with HAI, you make a difference. Volunteering encourages civic engagement and community service. Volunteerism is an investment into your community and the people who live in it. Volunteering with HAI also gives you a chance to give back and provides an opportunity to learn a lot. It promotes personal growth and self-esteem while bringing people from your community together. With your volunteer hours, HAI critical financial resources so money can be spent on local programs and local initiatives. 

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Become a member

A nonprofit membership program is mutually beneficial for both the nonprofit and the members. While HAI gets to strengthen its funds and network, the members/supporters make a real difference with their contributions and efforts. Membership fees also help create an additional revenue stream.  It can help members to develop a sense of identification with the organization, thus strengthening their support and their advocacy. A successful membership program can also help establish credibility with funders and other stakeholders.

Sponsor an event

Sponsorships are critical to our organization. Unlike a private entity, not-for-profit sponsorships are another way to generate income for the organization.  HAI has effectively leveraged corporate sponsorship to increase its revenue and developed relationship with well-heeled prospects. Most of the programs HAI has been able to offer are directly supported by the sponsorship of private entities and some other funding mechanisms.


Join the cause. Get involved.