Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been impacted by Hurricane Matthew , specifically the Haitian community. As many of you know, the death doll has risen to roughly 800. We ask that you keep the Republic of Haiti in prayers during this difficult time.

As an organization, We are accepting monetary donations that will go quickly and directly to the areas in most urgent needs.  We are also collecting goods, clothing, and supplies which will directly benefit the people of Haiti.

haiti-reliefThank you to everyone who has messaged us.  We look forward to working with you and the City of Indianapolis to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.


In Solidarity,



The Haitian Association of Indiana (HAI) started with the simple vision of a few Haitians who wanted to have a platform for Haitians in Indiana to unite in order to share the culture of the homeland. Since its creation in 2008 the organization grew to become an association of Haitians working together to serve the Haitian community in Indiana who are in need of various services. The association also fosters working relationships with individuals and organizations with interests in Haiti and serves as a hub for cultural and historical learnings.

The Haitian Association of Indiana (HAI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization


New Year

Happy New Year 2017

Bòn Ane 2017. Nou vle pran opòtinite sa pou nou di ou yon gwo mèsi pou sipò nou bay Asosyasyon an ak kòz Ayisyen nan ane 2016 la. Nou renmen’w e n’ap espere’w jwenn lanmou, pwosperite, lapè ak benediksyon ane sa. An’n travay pou nou rive pi wo nan ane 2017 la! *************************** Happy New …

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Call for Drummers

The dancers of the Haitian Association of Indiana are in need of drummers for upcoming performances in December and January! Both professionals (experienced) and inexperienced are welcome.… Contact us Send us your 1) Name, 2) Phone Number, 3) E-mail, 4) Dates of availability, and 5) Earliest availability. PROFESSIONALS: Please also list your rate, and indicate …

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Haiti Relief

Just six years after the devastating earthquake of 2010, Haiti is once again dealing with a major catastrophe. Matthew, a category 4 storm hit the southwestern area of Haiti with a strong 145 mph wind causing widespread damage on its path. Haiti has declared a state of catastrophe in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. According to …

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Letter from the President

  Sipòtè nou yo, Se avèk tout plezi M vle swete nou yon bòn ane 2016.  Pandan nap eseye bati sou siksè nou te genyen ane pase yo, objektif nou se pou kontinye fè tout efò pou nou prezante yon imaj pozitif nan kominote Ayisyen an nan aktivite nou gen plan fè pou ane sa ki …

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Haiti News Corner

AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE FOR HAITI’S GOVERNMENT After many months of failed elections and election attempts, the Haitian government is unable to secure a policy on the future of the country’s government. The leaders of the Haitian government are now scrambling like many times before to come up with an agreement on how to lead the …

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2016 Haitian Flag Day Celebration – Performers Needed

HAI is seeking performers for our 2016 Haitian Flag Day Festival  *Welcoming boys and girls, kids an adults man and Woman*   For more information contact Dafney 317 698-3283 (text or call anytime) Please join our dance team Prior dancing experience is not a requirement.  We are here to learn together and it’s a great opportunity to meet …

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